Cinque Terre Italy

Visiting the Cinque Terre by mountain bike is a fantastic way for tourists to experience the uniqueness of this area.

Given the geography of the area, the roads and paths have high height differences and that should not be underestimated. The routes are mostly for trained people of medium / high level of preparation. We strongly advise less trained people to consider using electric bikes.

The Cinque Terre villages have limited space and cycle paths are only on the hills. A flat cycle path in the surrounding area is located between Levanto and Framura.

The trails run through the typical macchia mediterranea, an ecosystem rich in vegetation, colours and scents. Each of the trails have different characteristics and levels of difficulty suitable for both professional and recreational bikers. A map and a minimum of preparation and training are required.

The chosen bike trails winds along path no.1 that runs the length of the hills connecting Riomaggiore and Monterosso. Among the different trails intersecting path no.1 various routes can be chosen.

The departure point for almost all excursions is the Madonna of Montenero Sanctuary, located above Riomaggiore, where you also can rent a bike. However, other bike rental centers are found on the hill of Telegrafo, in San Bernardino and in Volastra, located above Manarola. It is recommended that you make a reservation in one of the Cinque Terre Park information offices in advance.

When you buy a Cinque Terre Card all trekking paths are included.