Cinque Terre Italy

Riomaggiore is the most southern village of the Cinque Terre, situated just a two minutes by train from Manarola. The town climbs up along the ridges overlooking the sea and it is characterized from the typical stone houses with coloured façades and slate-roofs.

Town of Riomaggione in Cinque Terre

Stroll along the main street Via Colombo down to the sea, where a small harbor, marina, is framed by lovely pastel houses and filled with brightly coloured fishing boats. There is a pebble beach located near the boat docking point and the picturesque harbor.

In Riomaggiore you can find the best spot to capture the sunset in Cinque Terre. As the sun starts to set, many people gather to sit on the rocks by the harbor. There are also some nightlife here with numerous restaurants and bars open until 1am. 

Where to stay in Riomaggiore

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The path "Via dell'Amore"

In Riomaggiore starts the Via dell’Amore, Lover’s Lane, a wonderful path known for the romantic atmosphere and amazing landscapes. It leads to Manarola and it takes twenty minutes walking. Unfortunately the path is closed following a landslide. It is now being repaired and will reopen in July 2024.

An alternative path from Riomaggiore to Manarola is Via Beccara (1h), which is a vigorous hike, and therefore not for the faint of heart. The Beccara trail goes straight up over the top of the mountain and down the other side. This trail is free.

riomaggiore cinque terre

Hiking trail from Riomaggiore to Portovenere

You can also walk the trail from Riomaggiore to Portovenere (5 hours). During this excursion you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic sea views right next to the cliffs. You do not need a trekking card for this hike. Take the ferry boat back to Cinque Terre.

Map of Riomaggiore

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What to see

  • Via dell'Amore, Riomaggiore is connected to Manarola by this famous footpath. The path is closed due to a landslide and will reopen in July 2024.

  • The Church of San Giovanni Battista, built 1340 in gothic style.

  • The Church of San Lorenzo, built in 1338, with its beautiful rose window dating back to the 14th century.

  • Castle of Riomaggiore, built in 1260, where you can enjoy a wonderful sight over the sea.

  • Along the coast road connecting Riomaggiore with La Spezia, you can find the Sanctuary of Madonna di Montenero; enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of the whole Cinque Terre coastal line.

How to reach Riomaggiore

By plane: Milan Malpensa Airport and Pisa International Airport Galileo Galilei are the most convenient entry points for onward travel to the Cinque Terre. From Pisa Airport you can in just 5 minutes reach Pisa Centrale station with the People Mover. From Pisa Centrale you can take a direct Intercity or a regional train to La Spezia and change to a local Cinque Terre Express train to Riomaggiore. From Milano Centrale station there are Intercity trains directly to Levanto and Monterosso. You will have to change to a local Cinque Terre Express train to reach Riomaggiore.

By train: The most comfortable way to get to Riomaggiore is by train. The five Cinque Terre villages are on the Genoa - La Spezia - Pisa line and the trains are running frequently from Milan, Genoa and Pisa. Monterosso is the only one of the Cinque Terre villages that is served by long distance Intercity trains. If you arrive from the north, Milan or Genoa, you can take an IC train directly to Levanto or Monterosso. From there you have local trains, the Cinque Terre Express, that provide links to Riomaggiore. If you arrive from the south, take an Intercity train directly to La Spezia and change for a local train to Riomaggiore.

By car: It is possible to reach Cinque Terre by car, if you do not mind narrow and winding roads. From Genoa or Livorno take the highway A12, from Parma the motorway A15 motorway. Exit at La Spezia. Follow the signs towards Portovenere and Cinque Terre and than towards Riomaggiore. It can be difficult to find a parking place in Riomaggiore. Therefore, we suggest you to book a hotel with private parking

Parking in Riomaggiore

Like all the Cinque Terre villages, Riomaggiore is closed to car traffic. The parking lot "Rio Park" is located at the entrance of the village. It is not possible to reserve a parking place in advance. More information: Parking in Riomaggiore.

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