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Thanks to great train connections and motorways, you can reach Cinque Terre from Rome in around 4 hours, depending on the type of transportation you choose. This means that it is possible to make a one-day trip to Cinque Terre from Rome thanks to the high-speed trains. Anyway, we suggest you to spend some days in Cinque Terre discovering these charming villages. Accommodation in Cinque Terre.

How to get from Rome to Cinque TerreBy train: From the central station in Rome, Roma Termini, you can reach the Cinque Terre with a direct high-speed Frecciabianca, or an Intercity train, to La Spezia Centrale in less than 4 hours. At La Spezia Centrale you will have to change trains and hop on the local Cinque Terre Express which stops at all five Cinque Terre villages.

For the Frecciarossa and the Intercity trains you will need a seat reservation and the tickets are much cheaper when you book in advance. Usually the booking for high-speed trains opens 3-4 months ahead. The price of a one-way train ticket from Roma Termini to Monterosso starts at 22.90 euros for a second-class ticket, but if you do not book ahead the tickets get significantly more expensive. As the journey is quite long, we recommend you to reserve a first class ticket.

By car: If you are doing a round trip around Italy, renting a car can be a great alternative to relying on public transportation. The easiest way is to rent a car directly at the airport upon arrival. Car rental in Italy.

All vehicles must pay tolls at the toll gates of the Italian highways autostrada. You must take a ticket when you enter the autostrada, and pay when you exit using cash or a card. Price by car Rome - Cinque Terre: toll fee 33 euros + fuel.

From Rome you can reach the Cinque Terre by car in approx. 5 hours. It is around 450 km (280 miles) between these two destinations.

Itinerary by car: From Rome, take the A1/E35 north until the Firenze Nord exit to merge onto A11/E76. After passing the city of Lucca, take the exit onto A12/E80 and drive north until the exit toward La Spezia. Drive through the city center of La Spezia along the SP370. Follow the signs for Cinque Terre until you arrive to the villages Riomaggiore and Manarola.

If your final destination is Monterosso, Vernazza or Corniglia, continue on highway A12 toward Genova and exit at Brugnato. Follow this winding road until you reach the entrance of the park near Monterosso. Follow the signs to Vernazza and Corniglia. More information on How to arrive in Cinque Terre.

How to get from Rome Fiumicino Airport to the center of Rome: From the arrival terminal at Rome Fiumicino Airport, you can take the shuttle train Leonardo Express directly to the center of Rome and the station Roma Termini. The trains are running every 20 minutes and the journey takes 35 minutes. The shuttle train costs 14 euros for a one-way ticket. From Roma Termini you continue your journey by train with an Intercity or a Frecciabianca train to La Spezia Centrale and Cinque Terre.

The cheapest solution is to take the shuttle bus from Rome Fiumicino Airport to Rome city center. There are buses leaving every 40 minutes and the travel time is approximately 50-55 minutes. A one-way bus ticket costs 6 euros.

Hotels in Rome: If you are planning to visit Rome, here are some recommended hotels in the historic center: Hotels in Rome.

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