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The former railroad tunnels have been restored and now you can walk or bike (5 km) between the charming villages of Levanto, Bonassola and Framura.

Distance from Levanto to Bonassola: 2,6 Km

Distance from Bonassola to Framura: 2,4 Km

Rent a bike or walk along this this beautiful stretch of coast and you will find small hidden beaches. Enjoy the spectacular views of the Ligurian sea and the cliffs. Bonassola has a long beach with crystal waters, bars and restaurants. In Framura you will find a small natural harbor where you can take a swim.

Bicycle rental
In Levanto you can rent a bicycle. Price: 10 €/day
Cicli Raso, Via Garibaldi 63, Levanto
Senzafreni Bike Shop, Piazza del Popolo 1, Levanto