Monterosso is the largest of the five coastal villages collectively known as the Cinque Terre. The village is located on hills cultivated with vines and olives. The vegetation surrounds the built-up area like an embrace; its amazing beaches, its beautiful reefs and the sea’s crystal clear waters make this small village one of the most hospitable of the Ligurian Riviera.

Monterosso beach Monterosso panorama

The village is divided in two parts marked by the medieval tower of Aurora. The new part of town, Fegina, is full of life, it is the reflection of an area that tourism has made rich, as the great quantity and excellent quality of hotels and restaurants give evidence.

Monterosso, Cinque Terre, the old town

Fegina is dominated by the famous concrete statue of the Giant, built beside the terrace of a local villa. This statue was created at the beginning of the XX century by Levacher and Minerbi, an architect and a sculptor, and represents Neptune, the god of the sea. Now it has become the symbol of Monterosso.

The old town of Monterosso is dominated by the ruins of the castle and characterized by typical narrow medieval streets carruggi with multi-coloured terraced houses. The beach is the only extensive sand beach in the Cinque Terre and runs along most of the coast line and is well used by tourists and locals.

Map of Monterosso

monterosso cinque terre map

Monterosso, how to get there

Please refer to Cinque Terre, getting there

What to see

• The Church of San Giovanni Battista, located in the main square of the old town. This church was constructed in the 1200s, in the Gothic-Genovese style. Inside, there is a fresco depicting the baptism of Christ.

• The San Francesco Church where major art works are kept such as the Crucifixion by Van Dick.

• The concrete statue of the Giant, Il Gigante, built beside the terrace of a local villa near the beach of Fegina, representing Neptune, the god of the sea.

• The statue of San Benedetto d' Assisi, located on the "colle dei capuccini" on the old town side.

• High up at 400 metres above sea level is the Soviore Sanctuary which dates back to the XVII Century.


Sagra dei limoni - The Lemon Festival, on the 3rd Saturday in May. The village is decorated with lemons and you can taste limoncino, lemon cream, lemon marmalade and the special lemon cake; torta al limone.

Corpus Domini, in June. The narrow streets of the historic center are ornately decorated with lovely designs all created by numerous colorful flower petals and in the evening there is a procession.

Sagra dell'acciuga fritta, on the 3rd Saturday in June. You can taste the famous anchovies of Monterosso.

Festa della Madonna Assunta, 14th of August. In the evening fireworks over the sea.

Festival bandistico, on the 1st Saturday in September. A musical event in which bands from all over Italy participate.

Sagra dell'acciuga salata e dell'olio d'oliva, on the 3rd Saturday in September. You can taste the famous anchovies of Monterosso and buy some locally produced olive oil extra virgin.

Festa del vino, on the 4th Saturday in September. You can taste the Cinque Terre DOC wines and the dessert version called Sciacchetrà.