In Cinque Terre there are ....

no nightclubs and there is no real nightlife.

Monterosso is the only place where you will find some bars open late at night and the nightlife focuses on weekends.

If you like evening entertainment we can advise you to stay or go to the nearby cities like Levanto, La Spezia, Sestri Levante.

For lovers of discos, the closest ones are in La Spezia and Sestri Levante.

In Levanto, 5 minutes by train from Monterosso, the nightlife has increased lately thanks to bars, pubs, wine bars that stay open until late at night, but there are no real nightclubs.

In La Spezia, a 10-minute train ride from Riomaggiore, there are many bars, pubs and some nightclubs.

In Sestri Levante there are many bars, pubs and nightclubs.