Levanto is a famous seaside resort along the Italian Riviera, 80 km east of Genoa.

levanto beach

This town is the perfect starting-point for visiting the picturesque villages of Cinque Terre.

From Levanto you can easily reach the five villages by train in only 10 minutes, by boat or by foot through guided tracks.

Levanto has a long sandy beach, shops and good restaurants. This popular sea resort is surrounded by a green valley of pine forests, olive groves, vineyards and small medieval villages.

levanto loggia

Levanto is not only a place for sun-bathers, divers, surfers and hikers. It’s also an ideal starting-point for day-trips by train or boat to many interesting places along the Riviera such as: Cinque Terre, Portovenere, Portofino and Genova.

Where to stay in Levanto

There is a wide range of three and four-star hotels with good standards or if you prefer some very romantic Bed & Breakfasts near the sea.

Please visit the pages Hotels in Levanto and Bed and Breakfasts in Levanto.
If you prefer to stay in one of the Cinque Terre villages we have selected the best alternatives for you: Hotels in Cinque Terre.

Map of Levanto

Map of Levanto

More maps can be found on Cinque Terre Maps.

How to reach Levanto

By car: motorway A12 (GENOVA - LIVORNO), exit CARRODANO, than follow directions to LEVANTO.
By train: railway station LEVANTO on the line GENOVA - LA SPEZIA.
By airplane: Airport of Genova Cristoforo Colombo (90 Km) or Airport of Pisa Galileo Galilei (111 Km)
By boat: from La Spezia with maritime consortium Golfo dei Poeti (please refer to boat excursions)

Parking in Levanto

Two main parking areas are located near the railway station and the waterfront.
Please refer to the Parking in Levanto page.

Levanto footpaths

A network of walking paths connects Levanto with the National Park of Cinque Terre. Levanto - Monterosso 3 hours by foot. We also recommend to visit the beautiful village of Bonassola situated just a few kilometers west of Levanto with a wonderful beach. You can download a 3d Levanto Footpaths Map (pdf format) or visit a list of the footpaths on Levanto footpaths map (pdf format).

Levanto 3d footpaths map

What to see in Levanto

- the bike path Levanto - Bonassola - Framura (6km)
- Sant' Andrea Church
- Oratorio di San Giacomo
- Church of San Rocco
- The medieval castle and tower
- Piazza della Loggia (Loggia square)
- Via Garibaldi (Garibaldi street)
- Piazza Cavour (Cavour square)

Shopping in Levanto

The shops are generally open from 9 am to 1 pm and from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm. From Monday to Saturday there is a covered market selling fruit, vegetables and fish. Every Wednesday a nice open air market selling clothes, shoes and garden plants. We can recommend the shops selling Pasta Fresca; all sorts of fresh pasta, ravioli, gnocchi, trofie etc and different sorts of rice- and vegetablepies, lasagne and pesto.


- 1st January: Un tuffo nell’anno nuovo - New Year's Day swim.

- 3rd Sunday of May: Mangialonga, wine & food walk through the trails of Levanto valley.

- July 25: Festa di San Giacomo - Festival of the sea with religion procession, flag-throwing and fireworks.

- July and August: Festival Amfiteatrof - international festival of classic music.

- August 10: Tuffo sotto le stelle - beach party.

- August 15: Ferragosto - public holiday. Carneval and beach party.

- Mid August: La Traversata del Golfo di Levanto - Swimming race in the ocean.

- October: De Gustibus Tour - an enogastronomic walk through the historic center of Levanto, tasting of local specialties offered by the commercial shops. Torta d'erbe, ravioli al ragù and more.

- October: Stralevanto, half marathon (circa 14,5 Km) in Levanto and surroundings.