Levanto is a small town near the Cinque Terre with a large car parking capacity. There are two main parking areas:

- close to the railway station

- near the waterfront

In Levanto you have to pay for parking at almost all places. Prices are ranging from 0,60 to 1,80 Euros per hour. Subscriptions for 8, 24 and 36 hours are available. Campers and buses can only park behind the train station.

Levanto parking map

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Cars: prices vary from 0,60 Euro to 1,80 Euro per hour depending on zone. 24 hours payment vary from 6 Euro to 18 Euro depending on zone.

Caravan: 12 Euro for 12 hours. 18 Euro for 18 hours. 24 Euro for 36 hours.

Busses: 3,60 Euro per hour. 36 Euro for 24 hours.

LIMITED TRAFFIC AREAS (in italian "Z.T.L." Zona Traffico Limitato)

RED ZONE: Via Cairoli, piazza Staglieno (between via Dante and Corso Italia), corso Italia (between Pizza Staglieno and via Mazzini) are closed to traffic between the 10th June to the 17th of September.
via Jacopo and via Dante are closed to the traffic between 2pm and 7am.

YELLOW ZONE: Via Tosi, piazza dei Boggiani, piazza Massola, via Mattalana, via Grillo closed to traffic between 7pm and 8am.
Parking place allowed only to residents.
Free transit, loading and uploading between 8am and 7pm.

BLUE ZONE: Old town area around via Garibaldi: traffic and parking not allowed.

PA Moltedi
only caravans - fee
P3 Moltedi
parking for cars, caravans and busses - fee
P4 Train station
only cars - fee
P5 Piazza S. Pertini
only cars – 1 hour
P5/a Via Viviani
1 hour. No parking on Wednesday from 6am to 1pm.
P6 Orti Bardellini
only cars - 1 hour
P7 Via del Mercato (Via XXV Aprile)
only cars - fee. No parking on Wednesday from 6am to 1pm.
P8 Via Galli
only cars - fee.
P9 Seaside promenade, east sector (blue stripes)
only cars - fee. Free parking from October to April. In May free from Monday to Friday.
P10 Seaside promenade, central sector (blue stripes)
only cars - fee.
P11 Seaside promenade, central sector (yellow stripes)
Parking only for residents.
P13 Piazza del Popolo (Popolo square) e via Cantarana
only cars - fee..
P17 Corso Roma (Via Rimembranza/a lato ghiararo, Via delle scuole)
only cars - fee.
P18 Via Rimembranza/b
1 hour from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
P19 Via Jacopo
1 hour from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
P20 Via Nuova Stazione
only cars - fee.
P21 Via Mazzini
1 hour for only residents.
P1 Via N.S. della Guardia
1 hour
P2 Via Albero D'oro
only cars - fee.