The Cinque Terre villages are closed to car traffic, except for the residents in limited areas.

The available parking spaces are very small and are often at the entrance of the villages. To park in the Cinque Terre costs around 15 Euro per day, free parking is only available outside the villages.

Parking Cinque Terre

The color of the lines on the parking space indicates the type of parking: white is for free parking, blue is for paid parking. When you park be sure that you do not park in areas reserved for residents (parcheggio residenti).

The parking fines in Italy are expensive. Fines will be collected abroad.
It can be easier to find a parking spot in the Monterosso nearby small town of Levanto where there are two big parking lots: one near the railway station and the other near the sea or in the city of La Spezia at the train station parking.

Below you can find the parking areas information for each town:

Parking in Monterosso

Parking in Vernazza

Parking in Corniglia

Parking in Manarola

Parking in Riomaggiore

Parking in Levanto

Parking in Bonassola