Cinque Terre Italy

All hotels and restaurants in the Cinque Terre offer free Wi-Fi.

If you are planning to book a hotel we would suggest you to ask what kind of connection they have and what coverage they offer. Most hotels offer free Wi-Fi. For a list of hotels visit Cinque Terre Hotels.

If you are interested in booking a hotel with great internet capacity and speed, you should book accommodation in the nearby villages Monterosso or Levanto. Both rely on internet fiber technology. Levanto is a town of about 7000 inhabitants very close to Monterosso. La Spezia is a city near Portovenere and Riomaggiore.

When you buy the Cinque Terre Card free Wi-Fi is included at the hotspots of the National Park.

Inform yourself about the roaming costs in Italy through your operator, if you are not careful it can become very expensive.

We suggest buying an Italian sim card, which can be bought at the airports or in the cities near the Cinque Terre, for example La Spezia. There are no sim card dealers in the Cinque Terre. The main Italian operators are Tim (Telecom Italia Mobile), Vodafone, Wind, Tre. Other operators are Iliad, Ho Mobile, Kena Mobile.