Corniglia is located in the middle of the Cinque Terre and lays on a small cape, 100 meters above the sea. It is the only town without access from the sea.

Corniglia Cinque Terre

The tiny village is connected to its train station by a footpath known as Lardarina (377 stairs).

Corniglia is an ancient Roman village that has a long and rich agricultural tradition. The village is surrounded on three sides by vineyards and terraces. Its architecture is closer to that of a rural inland village than that of a coastal village.

A charming theatrical scene is set here between the houses and the Parish of San Pietro, which is a perfect example of the gothic Ligurian style and is one of the most interesting monuments of the entire coast.

The square of Corniglia in the Cinque Terre

Where to stay in Corniglia

For those who are looking for a quiet place to stay in Cinque Terre, Corniglia is the right place. There aren’t any hotels here, but there are a few really nice guesthouses in the village. We have selected the best alternatives for you: Bed & Breakfasts in Corniglia.

If you are looking for an apartment with high standards click here: Apartments in Corniglia.

corniglia cinque terre

Hiking from Corniglia to Vernazza

Corniglia is connected to the other villages of the Cinque Terre by well kept footpaths. We recommend the relatively easy path from Corniglia to Vernazza, which boasts spectacular gardens and sea views. Length: 1 hour 30 minutes to walk. For this trail you will need the Cinque Terre Trekking Card which costs €7.50 per day.

The trail from Corniglia to Manarola is one of the most spectacular scenic trails in the National Parc. This one is rather difficult and is not for the unfit or the faint hearted. The first part of the hiking trail has a very steep climb and then continues through a beautiful forest and through mountain hugging terraced vineyards. This hiking trail, unlike the Blue trail, is completely free.

On the following page you will find updated information about all hiking trails: Cinque Terre trails.

How to get here
The best way to reach Corniglia is by taking the train from La Spezia or from Levanto.
For more information: How to reach Cinque Terre.

Map of Corniglia

corniglia cinque terre map

Things to see

• The Parish of San Pietro

Oratory of Santa Caterina


June 29: The San Pietro and Paolo Feast offering the traditional cake "Torta dei Fieschi".

September 8: The N.S. delle Grazie Feast at the Santuario di S. Bernardino.