Cinque Terre Italy

It is very important to validate all Cinque Terre train tickets purchased at the train station before you board the train. There are green stamp machines located in the stairs on the way to the platforms. The passengers who board a train without a validated ticket, or with an irregular ticket, will be issued with a penalty fare of at least 50 euros.

If you forget to validate the ticket, or if the validating machines are out of order, immediately look to find the controller on the train. They can manually validate the ticket for you.

Cinque Terre train tickets

Which train tickets have to be validated?

Regional train tickets purchased at the station only come with a date but no time. That is why these tickets have to be validated before boarding the train, using the green machines on the way to the platform.

Train tickets purchased online do not need to be validated, as these tickets have a specific date and time in which they are valid. With an electronic ticket you can simply board the train without printing it.

Tickets for high speed trains, such as Intercity, Frecciarossa and Frecciabianca, do not need to be validated as they always come with seat reservations, date and time.

Cinque Terre ticket validation machine

How to validate your train ticket

The green validating machines are usually located in the stairs on the way to the platforms. Insert the ticket into the slot and then slide the ticket to the far left. When you pull your ticket out you should see the date and time printed on the ticket.

How long is the train ticket valid?

Regional train tickets, up to 50 kilometers, are valid 75 minutes after validation. Anyway, if you buy a one-way train ticket with the Cinque Terre Express trains from for example Monterosso to Riomaggiore, you are not allowed to make a short stop in one of the villages in-between.

Why do I have to validate my train ticket?

You pay 5 euros for a one-way train ticket with the Cinque Terre Express. Potentially, a traveler could use the same ticket for an unlimited number of trips if it was not validated. This is the reason for the hefty fines!

Do I have to validate the Cinque Terre Card?

As a rule: validate all paper tickets, that means the Cinque Terre Cards and all one-way train tickets.

The Cinque Terre Card is personal and non-transferable, they must be exhibited along with a valid ID and are not refundable. Before using the Cinque Terre Card, the user's name must be written on the back. Cards must be shown to the controller on the trains together with a valid identity document. The card will also be checked at the check-points on the hiking trails.

The Cinque Terre Cards must be stamped at Trenitalia's stamping machines before boarding the first trip. The card is valid until midnight on the last day of validity.

Tickets purchased online

You do not have to validate train tickets and Cinque Terre Cards purchased online (e-tickets).

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