Cinque Terre Italy

It is possible to reach Manarola by car via La Spezia. Take the highway A12 and exit at La Spezia - Santo Stefano Magra, and then continue toward the seafront of La Spezia. Take the coastal road (SP 370) and follow the signs to Cinque Terre. After Riomaggiore follow signs toward Manarola. The last part of this coastal road is quite curvy with spectacular sea views. 

There is a parking lot at the entrance of Manarola just before the automatic barriers. Non-residents can not drive further on. Normally, during the day, there is a parking booth attendant available to help you. From here you can walk to the center of the villages in 10 minutes.

Parking fee in Manarola

1 hour: 2.50 euros
1 day: 20 euros
2 days: 35 euros
3 days: 50 euros
4 days: 65 euros
5 days: 80 euros
6 days: 100 euros
1 week: 120 euros

On weekends and during the summer months the parking lot can fill up quickly. There are free parking places along the the road to Manarola where you can park, but pay attention to the prohibitions.

Hotels with parking in Manarola

There are hotels in Manarola with free private parking, we suggest you to book one of these if you arrive by car. Link Hotels in Manarola.

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