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You can reach Riomaggiore by car. Follow the scenic coastal road from La Spezia toward Cinque Terre (SP370). Riomaggiore is the first of the Cinque Terre villages you will reach. Like all the Cinque Terre villages, Riomaggiore is closed to car traffic and the parking spaces are scarce.

Where to park in Riomaggiore

1. The Rio Park car park is located at the entrance of the village with 60 parking places. The parking spaces are identified by the sign Rio Park and have barriers. The maximum height for cars is 1.95 m. It is not possible to reserve a parking place in advance.
Parking fee: 3.50 euros/hour, 35 euros/day. There are automatic ticket machines, where you can pay by cash or credit card.

2. Along the panoramic road there are free parking spaces within the allowed spaces. From here you can reach the center of Riomaggiore via some paths or by shuttle bus.

3. The Zorza car park is located along the road between Riomaggiore and Manarola. Parking fee: 1 euro/hour, 2.50 euro/hour for campers. Camping is not permitted. If you park here you can use the shuttle bus to Riomaggiore or Manarola for free.

Hotels with private parking in Riomaggiore

It can be difficult to find a parking place in Riomaggiore, particularly during the summer months. Therefore, we suggest you to book a hotel with private parking in Riomaggiore. Link Hotels in Riomaggiore.

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